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Mini Campfire

Mini Campfire

The heat and light of a campfire without the hassle. Lights easily, extinguishes instantly. No sparks or embers, windproof and food-safe. Roast marshmallows in minutes or just enjoy the warmth of a fire. Take to the beach, camping, backyard parties or put in your emergency kit. Burns up to 3 hours.


Please read instructions and cautions before using.


USE: Place on a secure, level, heat-proof surface. Use matches or lighter to light. Extinguish by covering with the lid. Tin gets hot! Do not touch or move unless cool.


Caution: For outdoor use only. Do not extinguish with water or use in the rain. Do not leave unattended. Keep away from combustibles, children and pets. Users assume all liability.

This products uses scraps from our beeswax bread bags, minimizing waste.


Ingredients: Canadian beeswax, organic cotton

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